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The gasification plant produces energy and biochar from biomass

Wood Distillate

Adjuvant to develop of plants and revitalising for the soil


The Wood Distillate that we make is obtained from local vegetal forest essences by distillation of the wood’s physiological water, through the pyrolysis process.The product synthetized with our technology is 100% natural, with plenty of active principles and natural substances that strengthen the plants, stimulating rooting and development to help overtake growth phases made difficult by external factors. Likewise important are the actions on the microbiological composition and the chemical-physical enhancing of the soil.

It is suitable for all crops, industrial farming, vegetable gardens and botanical gardens.

General methods of use

The product must be dissolved in water.

*After transplantation, or in stress situations, increase the frequency of the interventions

**Helps with flower blossoming induction and fertility percentage



The product has no contraindications when mixed with other formulations. We suggest making compatibility trials on smaller surfaces before proceeding to use it on extended areas.


To be used in agriculture only. Whoever use this product is responsible for any damage caused by an improper use of the formulation. Respect for the aforementioned instructions is an essential condition to ensure the efficacy of the treatment and avoid damages to plants, to people, to animals.




To feed the growing global population, fertilizer, plant protection products, OGM products are not enough, like advertising wants us to believe: this natural product meet the affection to nature that we have within ourselves and help us to get closer again to a world forgotten too often"



Why Cryôs Gas Unit

Cryos gas unit means the capability of transforming biomass in energy in a cheaper way.
Because it expresses the idea of strenght and energy, stored in the plants, always easy to find and ready to be used.
We added them in order to emphasize that our gasification unit can trasform carbon biomass into gas when and how much is needed. 
Because our plant uses the best technology available, rigorowsly designed for the brand:
  • do not use conventional fuels derived from petrol
  • do save resources 
  • do use resources available in the territory
  • do produce energy when needed
  • do produce emissions equal to or below 0
  • do become completely indipendent in terms of energy
  • do use of biochar produced in the soil