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The gasification plant produces energy and biochar from biomass



Our project involves the construction of a plant of micro cogeneration that is based on the use of a technology that allows, the production of syngas through a process of gasification of matter.

Such Gas, fed in endothermic engines connected to alternators, produces electricity with high performance both in terms of energy and the environment;

In addition, the system is able to produce in parallel (cogeneration) thermal and electrical energy,

using the available heat in the cylinder of the engine or in the smoke it  issues.

Gasification is a thermochemical process through which the fuel is converted into synthesis gas (syngas) through a partial oxidation.

Our Plant for the production of syngas can be of different sizes (from 50 to 200 Kwe on the basis monoreactor or up to 1MWE with more modules in parallel) and several productive arrangements (electricity-only or CHP)