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The gasification plant produces energy and biochar from biomass

About Us


The RM Group has been working for years as a leader on the national market in the fields of energy efficiency and facility management, industrial cogeneration and environmental services.
Born in the 90s, it has quickly obtained specific skills in managing complex energy projects related to the industrial sector, skills that have been since extended to other sectors. 
Entering the Energy scope in 2001 we have quickly established ourselves with leading solutions for Energy Service nationwide.
The Group is on the market as the ideal partner for businesses - public and private - that require customized solutions that combine energy efficiency and environmental protection.
Thanks to the excellence shown in the management of human resources, in research and development of know-how, ranging from fuels to renewable energy and energy efficiency, today RM Group is able to offer a range of competitive solutions, to support sustainable economic development and an increasingly reduced environmental impact.



A key part of the energy programs of many countries today, is dedicated to the development of a sustainable and compatible economy from the environmental point of view, through the use of common resources in their territory.

Some states have developed their own specific incentive programs to encourage this development.
In this perspective, the main objective is the development, in terms of efficiency, of new energy systems and their technological developments.

The transformation processes underway of the current set production involve a natural rapprochement between the production places and the use of energy, with the aim of creating innovative spatial patterns, to integrate production and the energy system.

In this context,the diffusion of technologies for the energy exploitation of land resource take a particular meaning.
It's in this field that the initiative of RM Group has developed over time a number of key skills aimed at the exploitation of biomass energy, both liquid and solid.

In 1997 our company realized the first Gas Unit.

Today, through continuous research and development of new technologies and the improvement of the various integrated systems, we are able to bring to the market a product with all the basic features to be competitive and offer customers a viable and profitable alternative to other energy solutions present in the landscape of renewable energies.



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Таджикско-Итальянский Бизнес-Совет был основан в 2015 году ООО «Точи Заррин Голд», ООО «DAF INTERSERVICE» (Италия) и ООО «STUDIO ASSOCIATO PACI» (Италия) при поддержке Государственного комитета по инвестициям и управлению государственным имуществом Республики Таджикистан и Министерства экономического развития Италии, с целью развития научно-технического, социально-экономического и культурного сотрудничества между обеими странами и их зарубежными партнерами. 

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イタリア大使館 貿易促進部は、ICE-Trade Promotion Office (イーチェ ‐ イタリア貿易促進機構 ‐ ローマに本部を置き、ミラノおよび世界主要都市に活動拠点を持つ)のネットワークを通じて活動する、イタリア政府の組織です。